Grandma's Tiny House
Author: JaNay Brown-Wood
For Early Years/Reception
Price 12.99 hardback
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Grandma's Tiny House One Grandma waits in her tiny house, with two turkeys cooking in anticipation of the feast she is hosting for family, friends and neighbours. Ever increasing numbers of guests arrive, bringing their own contributions to the party, offering cumulative opportunities for counting - up to fifteen. The story unfolds in rhyming couplets, with the numbers emphasised in large capital letters. As the arrivals mount up and the tiny house is jammed full to bursting, the young girl narrator suggests they move the party outside into the garden, an idea that is joyfully carried out. The illustrations reinforce the happy inclusivity of the gathering: the extended family and friends are a diverse group, with nicely individualized styles - as in the depiction of the 'seven cool uncles'.