(Russia) Russian Fairy Tales
Author: Gillian Avery
For Juniors/KS2/KS3
Price 10.99 hardback
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(Russia) Russian Fairy Tales This collection of eleven Russian fairy tales moves between the world of the woodcutter and the dark forest where the witch Baba Yaga dwells in a house that moves grotesquely on hen's feet, to glittering palaces where Tsars rule absolutely but can find themselves enmeshed in wizardry and terrible twists of fate. There are talking swans and firebirds, children reared by bears, hawks and eagles that are transformed into handsome young men. The stories are engrossing, satisfyingly complex, full of drama, poetry, mystery, and titanic battles between good and evil. This is a handsome edition illustrated with colour plates with decorative borders that further evoke the spirit of Old Russia.