(Poland) The Glass Mountain: Tales from Poland
Author: David Walser & Jan Pienkowski
For Juniors/KS2
Price 8.99 paperback
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(Poland) The Glass Mountain: Tales from Poland This collection of 8 Polish fairytales retold by David Walser is given dramatic visual impact by Jan Pienkowski's trademark silhouette style illustration. A forward by the artist describes how his childhood in Poland introduced him both to its canon of traditional folktales and to the craft of paper-cutting. The tales are vivid and memorable, universal in appeal. They feature scary dragons and visits from the devil, strange witches and speaking frogs, magical transformations, singing mermaids and giant cockerel. There are strong moral elements: bravery and ingenuity is rewarded, greed and selfishness are duly punished. A helpful guide to the pronunciation of Polish words is included.