(Eastern Europe) Stories of Hope and Spirit
Author: Dan Keding
For Juniors/KS2/KS3
Price 13.99 hardback
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(Eastern Europe) Stories of Hope and Spirit The twelve folk tales in this richly varied collection are taken from the oral tradition of many different Eastern European countries: Croatia, Georgia, Serbia, Slovakia, Moldavia, Latvia, Russia, Estonia and Chechnya. Variants of Cinderella, as in 'Strawberries in Winter' and recognisable stories such as 'Nail Soup' are set alongside less familiar tales peopled by wizards, misers, peasants, soldiers, and kings. Honesty and kindness are pitted against greed and cunning in magical settings where frogs and bears might be princesses in disguise and where trees can spring fully formed from a seed - laden with fruit, singing birds and a resident tomcat beneath.