Civil Rights and Equality
Author: Dan Lyndon
For Juniors/KS2 & KS3
Price 8.99 paperback
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Civil Rights and Equality Part of an excellent new Black History series from a British author, this title is unique in its focus on links between the history and struggle for civil rights of people of African descent in the USA and in Britain. Continuing on from a preceding title: 'Black History: Resistance and Abolition', it looks at the events and key figures in the fight for equality from the 1800's to the election of Barack Obama in 2009. Short chapters cover topics such as the Pan African Conference of 1900, the effect on race relations of two world wars, the boycotts and mass marches that brought about the Civil Rights Act in the USA, the Windrush Generation, race riots and the Nottinghill Carnival, the murder of Stephen Lawrence and the Macpherson inquiry. Other chapters give in-depth accounts of key figures in this period, such as John Archer, the first British born black mayor. The layout is attractive, with a variety of texts and a fascinating array of visual materials. There is also a timeline, glossary, bibliography and list of websites for further research. New in paperback.