Marley Dias Gets It Done - And So Can You!
Author: Marley Dias
For KS2/KS3
Price 11.99 paperback
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Marley Dias Gets It Done - And So Can You! Marley Dias describes how she became an activist at the age of 11, challenged by her mother to do something instead of just complaining that her school book lists rarely if ever included anything with a black girl as the main character. She set herself the goal of collecting and donating 1000 books that met her criteria, launching a campaign on social media to achieve her aim using the hashtag #1000blackgirlbooks. Its huge success led to celebrity endorsements and many media appearances for Marley - an engaging and articulate campaigner for literacy and inclusion. She proffers tips and advice for other young people who want to take action for social causes important to them.. Told in her own words, Marley's story is inspiring, and her lively personality shines through. The book is attractively designed, with many photographs and eye-catching text layouts. It concludes with a list of 500 books for primary and young adult readers and directions to access the full catalogue online.