Hen in the Wardrobe, A
Author: Wendy Meddour
For Juniors/KS2
Price 6.99 paperback
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Hen in the Wardrobe, A Ramzi is alarmed when his dad begins acting strangely in the night: looking for hens in the wardrobe, even climbing trees in his pyjamas. Believing his sleeping walking to be a sign of homesickness, the family exchange their British home in Cinammon Grove for a stay with relatives in the Berber village in Algeria where Ramzi's dad grew up. Ramzi is directly involved in solving this family crisis, but only after he has come to understand the Berber culture crucial to his father's happiness - and ability to sleep! Ramzi's journey of understanding is cast in an exciting narrative, with many humorous touches and memorable characters. He explains in an afterword the occasional Arabic words in his story and even throws in his Nan's recipe for crunchy biscuits.