Chengli and the Silk Road Caravan
Author: Hildi Kang
For Juniors/KS2
Price 7.99 paperback
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Chengli and the Silk Road Caravan Set in ancient China, this novel tells the story of Chengli,an orphaned boy, who delivers rolls of silk in his donkey cart to merchants setting out to trade with distant lands. Unsettled by a haunting wind from the desert he gives in to a thirst for adventure and a hope of solving the mystery of his family history by joining one such caravan as a camel boy. So begins an action-packed narrative involving ambushes by bandits, kidnaps and hair-raising escapades, all of which immerse the reader in the dangers, sights, sounds, smells and exotic detail of travel along the Silk Road. This is an exciting read for confident readers, ideally Years 5 and 6.