Way to School, The
Author: Rosemary McCarney with Plan International
For Early Years/KS1
Price 9.99 hardback
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Way to School, The The amazing photographs in this book will both fascinate and shock young readers used to the comforts of the school run: they show the determination, bravery and sheer energy of children in developing countries who overcome many obstacles in their journeys to school. The text invites us to consider how we would manage these challenges, as a sequence of pictures (labelled with country of origin) shows us children wading, paddling or floating across rivers, crossing gorges on (scary) systems of pulleys and zip wires, using ladders to climb cliffs, or negotiating mountainsides along narrow ledges. The lucky ones might ride a donkey or a water-buffalo, have a lift in an ox-cart or be drawn by a dog-team, but even for those obliged to carry their own water supply or something to sit on - the chance to go to a school at all is what really matters.