Word Collector, The
Author: Peter H. Reynolds
For Early Years/KS1
Price 12.99 hardback
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Word  Collector, The Whereas some children collect stamps, coins or comic books, Jerome likes to collect words which he copies on slips of paper and pastes into scrapbooks. He chooses ones that attract his attention for whatever reason when reading or listening to people. Some words just look or sound interesting even though he might not initially understand their meaning. An accident with his mountain of notebooks cause the words - on slips of paper - to spill out, and he is struck by the way the resulting accidental word combinations are strangely satisfying. Collecting develops into composing and soon he is inspired to string words together in new ways, in poems, songs, and simple, powerful statements. Finally, he chooses to share his word store, and disperses his vast collection into the breeze from the top of a hill, and is pleased to see children in the valley below running after the slips of paper that rain down. This satisfying parable about the power of words is given a light touch by its joyful cartoon-style illustrations.