Shady Tree, The
Author: Demi
For KS1
Price 13.99 hardback
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Shady Tree, The In this Chinese fable of generosity versus selfishness, Ping, a poor boy, stops to rest in the shade of a beautiful tree, but Tan Tan, a rich boy, tries to drive him away, shouting that he owns every part of the tree adjacent to his magnificent house - even the shade it throws. When Ping offers to buy the shade with the few coins he has, Tan Tan greedily agrees, believing he is dealing with a dimwit. Tan Tan's self-satisfaction is short-lived, however, as Ping - and his friends and animals - take full advantage of the shade, which moves inside the rich boy's house at certain times of the day. This simple story is illustrated with Demi's meticulous illustrations rich in Chinese symbols and cultural detail presented in circular panels against a beige background like a sequence of ancient plates used as a medium for narrative art.