Tahmineh's Beautiful Bird
Author: Parviz Kalantari
For KS1
Price 11.99 hardback
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Tahmineh's Beautiful Bird A young girl of the nomadic Qashqai tribe is playing her flute while looking after sheep and goats on the high summer pastures in the mountains of Iran, when a bird sings along with her tune and continues even after she stops. Tahmineh wishes she could capture it, but her father warns that a wild bird would not sing if trapped,. When her mother suggests she could preserve its memory Tahmineh has the idea of weaving an image of the bird into a chanteh - a shoulder bag, something she achieves with such artistry that it brings about a magical occurrence. The illustrations have a pleasing simplicity, using vivid blocks of colour and strong shapes in a story that itself attests to the miraculous power of art.