Thank You, Omu!
Author: Oge Mora
For Reception/KS1
Price 13.99 hardback
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Thank You, Omu! Omu settles down with a book whilst her supper simmers on the stove. The delicious smell of her red stew attracts a succession of visitors to her door. A little boy, a police office, and a hot dog vendor, are the first to be drawn by the irresistible aroma, and are rewarded with a helping of her special stew. A stream of local residents follows and each partakes of her generosity, but when the time comes for her own evening meal, the pot is empty. In a happy twist, a final knock on her door brings the return of all those she has fed, this time with gifts of food and before long a neighbourhood party is under way. The author pays homage to her own Nigerian grandmother's generosity of spirit, explaining, in an afterword, that Omu is the Igbo term for 'queen'. This simple story with its cumulative pattern, is enhanced by collage-style illustration that combines clippings of varied materials, including books and newspapers, rather as if seasoning its own delectable concoction.