Author: Odile Weulersse
For Early Years/KS1
Price 12.99 hardback
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Nasreddine Nasreddine or Nasrudin as a character, appears in tales of wisdom and humour from countries all over the Middle East and the Balkans, invariably offering lessons in common sense. In this Turkish story, a very young Nasredddine and his father make regular journeys with their donkey taking produce to market . The different groups they pass: children, a vizier, washer women and old men all offer critical opinions as to how they have loaded their donkey. Each time, his father brushes off the wounding words but Nasreddine endeavours to change their methods (in increasingly absurd ways) to suit the critics. Gently, his father teaches him to let his own common sense prevail and to have the courage to decide for himself whether what others say is wise or just silly and hurtful. Delightfully humorous and poignant full page illustrations by Rebecca Dautremer enhance the tale, capturing the traditional old turkish town and its inhabitants, Nasreddine's anxieties and a wonderful array of comically depicted animals.