Home is a Window
Author: Stephanie Parsley Ledyard
For Reception/ KS1
Price 13.99 hardback
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Home is a Window Moving house or any kind of change can be a challenge, one that would be helped by a book like this. A biracial little girl lives with her brother, white mother and black father and their pet dog. The text seeks to describe what makes a house a home: 'a table with something good and the people gathered there'. And so the story shows how important things and certain feelings don't change even in the middle of moving house: the little girl still has a shirt that smells like her old room and having to sit on the floor for a makeshift meal doesn't matter when all the people she cares for are around her. Sasaki's illustrations in digitally realised pencil and marker pen and a muted palette make for a sensitive interpretation, one which suits the languid gentle text, and evoke the warmth and security of all that makes a home the safe place to be.