Noor Inayat Khan
Author: Gaby Halberstam
For Juniors/KS2
Price 5.99 paperback
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Noor Inayat Khan This compact chapter book biography (107p) tells the story of Noor Inayat Khan's extraordinary bravery as a wireless operator in Nazi occupied France. Born in Moscow to an American mother and an Indian father, she was raised as a Muslim and pacifist and lived in both France and Britain. During the Second World War, Noor was smuggled into France by the British Secret Services and worked for them sending vital information back to London at great risk to her life. She was captured and shot at the age of 30. In recognition of her courage, loyalty and determination she was awarded the George Cross. Noor's story, full of drama and adventure makes for a compelling read and deserves to be better known. In 2012 a statue commemorating her heroism was unveiled in a London square near where she once lived.