Two White Rabbits
Author: Jairo Buitrago
For KS1
Price 13.99 hardback
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Two White Rabbits This picture book tells a story about migration through the words and thoughts of a young child travelling with her father on a long journey to an unknown destination. The little girl has an innocent curiosity about everything she sees and enjoys practising her counting skills along the way. She has a toy rabbit, sometimes the company of a stray dog, and is given two live rabbits by a boy she befriends on one of the stopovers when her father finds temporary work to fund the next stage of their journey. But the striking illustrations tell a more complicated story than her simple words: whilst the girl is happy in her father's company, we see the anxious expressions on his face, the dangers and difficulties they face, whether riding on the roof of a train or escaping the attentions of soldiers and border guards. There are hints they are part of the northward migration from Mexico and other South American countries of those in search of a better - or safer - life, but their anonymity gives their trek a universal relevance, particularly in the current context of long lines of refugees engaged on their own epic journey through Europe.