Christophe's Story
Author: Nicki Cornwell
For Juniors/KS2
Price 6.99 paperback
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Christophe's Story This chapter book (perhaps for Year 3/4) tells the story of Christophe, an 8 year old refugee from Rwanda, who is struggling to cope with a new school, a new language and an unfamiliar culture. Worse, he is missing his beloved grandfather who was not strong enough to make the long and difficult journey. At first Christophe encounters incidents of bullying and prejudice, but a sympathetic teacher helps him to overcome his sense of isolation when she persuades him to share the story of why he had to flee his country. He receives a sympathetic response from classmates when he tells them about the terrifying events that led to the death of his baby brother, his own wound from a bullet, and his family's escape from a war zone. The very act of telling his story sets in motion a healing process.