Blessing Cup, The
Author: Patricia Polacco
For KS1/Infants
Price 12.99 hardback
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Blessing Cup, The This story draws on the experience of the author's great-grandmother, Anna, who fled Czarist Russia at the time of pogroms against Jewish communities and describes the importance of a china tea cup to successive generations of her family. The rest of the treasured tea-set had been left as a gift to a kindly doctor who came to the family's rescue during their flight from persecution and who helped them travel to a new life in America as refugees. The remaining cup becomes a precious symbol of their family's survival, a reminder of life's blessing. As with her earlier picture book, 'The Keeping Quilt', the signature pencil-drawn illustrations incorporate small areas of vivid colour within the larger palette of greys to emphasise the significance of certain objects which reappear like a narrative thread from one panoramic scene to another.