Armel's Revenge
Author: Nicki Cornwell
For Early Years/KS1 & KS2
Price 5.99 paperback
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Armel's Revenge This sequel to 'Christophe's Story' deals further with the difficulties facing refugee children whose past experiences can involve ongoing pain and trauma. Christophe has made good progress in settling down in Britain, his new home, but when he is entrusted with the care of a scowling new boy, Armel, an asylum-seeker from the Congo, he is forced to re-examine his own family history. The tense and troubled relationship between the two boys is well realised and shapes a dramatic story touching on many issues to do with prejudice and the potential for conflict between different ethnic groups. Notwithstanding the seriousness of its themes, the text uses relatively simple language and takes the form of a 'school story' which would be accessible to younger readers.