All Aboard for the Bobo Road
Author: Stephen Davies
For Reception/EYFS
Price 6.99 paperback
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All Aboard for the Bobo Road This lovely picture book invites us to join Fatima and Galo who are travelling in their father's minibus from the town of Banfore to Bobo - one of the larger cities in Burkina Faso. It is both an affectionate portrait of a specific African country and a fun counting book. The two children must exercise their counting skills to help load two mopeds, three bicycles, four cans of cooking oil and so on, and once arrived at their destination, all these items must be unloaded and counted afresh. Within each endpiece is a double spread map and pictorial summary of their journey and the interesting sights along the way: a settlement of Gurunsi houses known for their intricate exterior decoration, Lake Tengrela home to many hippos, and the spectacular land formation in the domes of Fabedougou. The dazzling artwork by Christopher Corr incorporates authentic cultural detail with humour and exuberant use of colour.