Unhappy Stonecutter, The
Author: Charlotte Guillain
For Early Years/KS1
Price 18.99 big paperback; 7.99 small paperback
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Unhappy Stonecutter, The This re-telling of a Japanese folk tale warns that being granted all you wish for does not necessarily bring happiness. Haru, a stonecutter, climbs a local mountain each day to obtain materials for the statues he carves. Content with his life he pays little attention to talk of a spirit that descends from the mountain to grant people's wishes, until the day he delivers a statue to a rich man's house and wishes he were rich, too. The granting of this and subsequent wishes leads to ever more desperate transformations, as Haru encounters complications that thwart each striving for perfection. Events comes full circle when, having changed himself into a mountain. he is troubled by the tapping of a stonecutter and wishes to be that person, so to return to the simple happiness of his previous existence.