Foolish, Timid Rabbit, The
Author: Charlotte Guillain
For Early Years/KS1
Price 18.99 big paperback; 7.99 small paperback
Book(s) at 18.99 each LARGE SIZE
Book(s) at 7.99 each SMALL SIZE
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Foolish, Timid Rabbit, The With its simple text and comic illustration, this re-telling of an Indian folk tale makes fun of those who listen to rumours rather than take decisions for themselves. Rajul, an impressionable rabbit given to worrying about the end of the world, believes this very catastrophe to be underway when a coconut thrown by a mischievous monkey lands next to him with a thump. Alarmed by his news, other rabbits join his flight and before long there is a general panic-stricken exodus of forest animals, halted only when Lion insists on investigating the true reason for Rajul's scare.